Emergency Lighting

  • FPA 101 Life Safety Code requires that emergency and exit lighting is to be inspected monthly and tested on an annual basis. STC can make corrections or repairs of any code violations found during routine inspections. Our professional technicians are trained and experienced in the service and installation of emergency/exit lighting.
    Here at STC we carry an extensive line of emergency lighting equipment. We sell and service all types of emergency, exit and combination fixtures. Installation of new batteries and lamps are just a few of the emergency lighting services we provide.
  • Annual emergency/exit light testing
  • Monthly emergency/exit light testing
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Bulb & Battery replacement
  • Code Violation Support
This standard establishes requirements for exit route lighting, marking, and non-flammable material maintenance. It also sets requirements for employee alarm systems and procedures for working during construction, repair, or alteration. Maintaining exit route standards will prepare the workplace for a successful emergency evacuation.