• This plan requires employers to identify flammable and combustible materials stored in the workplace and ways to control workplace fire hazards.
  • Completing a fire prevention plan and reviewing it with employees reduces the probability that a workplace fire will ignite or spread.
  • A fire prevention plan is a workplace requirement when another applicable standard requires it.
  • The following standards reference or require compliance with 1910.39: 29 CFR 1910.157, 1910.1047, 1910.1050, and 1910.1051


We here at STC can customize a safety plan to meet the needs of your business, regardless of size. We offer annual and monthly fire extinguisher service plans.Services:

  • Annual fire extinguisher inspections
  • Monthly Fire extinguisher inspections
  • Semi-Annual fire suppression system inspections
  • Recharging of extinguishers and suppression systems
  • Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing
  • Code Compliance Support

First Aid

29 CFR 1910.151 Medical services andĀ First Aid
To handle potential workplace injuries, employers must ensure that medical personnel and adequate first aid supplies are available to workers. The selection of these resources must be based on the types of hazards in the workplace.

Procedural,Program, and/or EquipmentRequirements
Ensure that medical personnel are ready and available for advice and consultation on the overall employee safety and health condition in the workplace.
Provide trained personnel and adequate first aid supplies to render first aid when a medical facility is not in near proximity to the workplace.
Provide suitable facilities for immediate emergency use if exposure to injurious or corrosive materials is possible.
Training Requirements Adequately train personnel expected to administer first aid.